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The CHEAP Marathon only costs $35. But look for other promotions that may be able to get you in for as low as $26.21!


Yes!  With the addition of the half marathon option, we will likely sell out.  Register now, because with the price of $26.21 until 11.30.18 ($35. thereafter), along with a beautiful, flat course along the ocean, this WILL sell out.  



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Don’t plan on it.  But you never know.  If it happens, we’ll tell you before the race.

Technically, yes.  We wont DQ you or anything, but they do pose a safety hazard so we do not recommend them.

We won’t be.  You will.  Upon your finish, we will make sure that you crossed the mat 6 different times.  We may have another electronic mat to record an additional split at different point on the course which you will also need to cross 6 times.  In addition, we will have volunteers at key points and intersections to ensure you run the full distance.  

Each lap is exactly 7.032k or 4.36 miles and you will be running 6 total laps.  

Yes, per the BAA rules, we need to have accurate timing in place.  All your times will be recorded via chip timing.

Yes, our permit allows us to keep the course open for 6 hours.  If you think that might be pushing it for you, remember:

  1. It is a FLAT course
  2. It is a multiloop course, so you wont be stranded out on the course with no support if you are having an off day. You just finish up the lap you are on. 🙂
  3. The idea is to use this to qualify for your favorite major marathon and no qualifying times are 6+ hours.  Even if you are not using this as a qualifier, you are welcome, but we need to close it up after 6 hours.

YES!  With a low of 14′ in elevation and a high of 19′, its about as flat as you can find.

April in Massachusetts is usually GREAT running weather.  @ 55F-65F.  HOWEVER, it IS New England.  Anyone who has watched the Boston Marathon knows that it could be 85F or 35F.

We invite you to use the internet and check the weather a few days before.  Then please come prepared.

Water and Gatorade 
We will have three water stops on the course, one with Gatorade. This equates to 18 water stops, 6 with Gatorade for the entire 26.2 mile race. We will have water stop crews constantly checking throughout the race to ensure hydration cups remain full and plentiful for our participants.

Yes! Our friends at Beast Pacing will be onsite and ready for you to tag along. They will represent all the various finishing times so that you can find your comfort zone and cruise your desired pace.

We will be offering a very limited amount of post race snack options. If you have high expectations, please lower them. We encourage you to keep something nourishing in your car for after your run, OR enjoy a fantastic brunch from our friends at Sea Glass/Blue Ocean which is in the same location as the post race party. You may purchase the brunch buffet option directly through your registration ($21/ per person) and may buy multiple if you have any significant others.

If you do not find your answer here, please feel free to email us @ greesnstriderace@gmail.com

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